You are look for being a pioneer in food and beverage industry, Juice Time will meet your ambition, and you will be an owner of one of the most famous trademarks in fresh juice industry and fruit salads. Where professionalism in work, quality of products and premium customer care are combined together.

What is the difference between opening a juice shop by myself, and taking a Juice Time franchise?
Juice time spares your efforts and money, which you may spend through unsuccessful trials. As the competition is very tough in this field. You can own a famous and a successful trade mark in the business of fresh juices, smoothies and fruit salads. Juice Time is the biggest and the most famous chain in the Kingdom.
What type of support Juice Time offers me?
After getting a Juice Time franchise, and becoming a member of Juice Time family, We will:

  • Help you in choosing your Juice Time location.
  • Provide you with all designs based on your branch’s size, and follow – up with you the intricate details until you open your branch.
  • Guarantee you the best prices of raw materials and packaging.
  • Offer you training of your employees, and continuous support.
  • Do regular and periodic auditing to assure a consistent quality in making the products.
  • Offer you the recipes and the business secrets.
  • Provide the operation’s manual and standardization.
  • Provide the quality assurance checklists.
  • Maintain regular visits to make sure of the correct operational procedures.
  • Provide marketing and advertising support.
What are my financial commitments to get a Juice Time franchise?
The franchisee pays the franchisor for every branch.

  • SAR 90,000 for a single branch.
  • For multiple units SAR90,000 for the first branch and
    30 % discount on the other branches (5 or more).
  • The franchisee pays the franchisor 6% of his total sales monthly.
  • The franchisee pays the franchisor 2% of his total sales monthly, as a joint marketing. According to an agreed on marketing plan.
  • The franchisee is committed to spend 1% of his total monthly sales as a local marketing in his area. Juice Time will grant the advice and support, but doesn’t guarantee the success of the campaign.
How long the franchise agreement will last?
The period of the franchise agreement is 5 years, renewable for 4 times.
What about the employees of the franchised business?
It is the franchisee’s responsibility to recruit enough number of employees for each branch 2 months before the opening. And he is fully responsible for:

  • Contracting with employees if it is locally or from outside.
  • Providing a suitable housing for employees plus transportation.
  • Issuing all the necessary documents; such as residence ID, health cards, or any other necessary documents requested by government circles.
How much is the cost of establishing a Juice Time branch?
The cost is variable, depending on the branch’s size:

  • “A” branch, its size is 160 square meters and above.
  • “B” branch, its size starts from 120 to 150 square meters.
  • “C” branch, its size starts from 60 to 80 square meters.
  • “KIOSK” branch its size starts from 20 to 40 square meters.
How much time does it take to establish a Juice Time branch?
If the branch is in an established building it will not take more than (60) days to open.
Are there any more conditions to be a Juice Time franchisee?
The franchisee should be qualified financially and management wise.

The franchisee should dedicate his full time to run the business, or assign a qualified manager with the approval of the franchisor.

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